Neem is also known as Indian Lilac and undoubtedly one of the most significant Ayurveda. Various benefits of neem were stated in the Ayurveda and for years people had acquired the benefits through their consumption.

Neem taste is bitter and pungent and is significant for neuromuscular disorder. It is well known for blood toxin removal and enhances the activity of free radicals elimination.

Eating a few neem leaves on an empty stomach everyday has many advantages.One of the most remarkable facts regarding neem is that every part of the tree has incredible medicinal benefits.

Leaves:  The neem leaf can help to cure various skin problems.

Twigs: Neem twigs are used to protect oral health 

Seed and Fruit of neem: It extracts neem oil which is further used for a variety of health problems, hair and scalp therapies.

If you eat neem leaves daily on an empty stomach, there are an indefinite amount of health benefits. These work effectively toward bacteria and aid in preventing disease. Below are the benefits of eating neem leaves on an empty stomach.

Neem works as a medicine to cure asthma

If you eat five to six leaves of neem daily, it will help control cough, fever and phlegm. One might begin with a few leaves and eventually rise up to ten. This will help greatly because it has typically been used to control asthma but it takes time to process.

Neem can be used to treat malaria

One of the studies carried out in Nigeria indicates the neem leaf extract has anti-malarial properties. It has been explored that it’s addition to anti-malarial medicines can aid in the treatment and prevention of the disease. One of the malaria’s common treatments is having tea infused with neem leaf is extremely advantageous.

Antibacterial and Antifungal in nature

Multiple studies have shown that neem is filled with antibacterial properties. Furthermore it has antifungal and antiviral properties too. Neem extracts have the ability to kill oral bacteria and are used in various medicines. The neem leaves has a compound called Nimbidin in it that has excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Improves digestion and gut health

A lot of research has found there are several health boosting properties  in the neem. Consuming neem leaves will aid you in the treatment of digestive problems and will be of great benefit to better digestion.

Neem regulates high blood pressure

The amount of people struggling from high blood pressure or hypertension in the world is rising at an incredible rate. Neem has medicinal properties that can aid in blood pressure control. The daily consumption of neem leaves greatly decreases high blood pressure.

Improves blood circulation

Neem operates as a blood purifier and it is well known for purifying the blood from the inside of the body. Therefore if you eat fresh neem leaves on an empty stomach daily it will increase blood circulation in your body.

Making it a part of your life can help treat a lot of health problems as well as avoiding some serious diseases. Using regularly will give significant effects on your skin, hair and overall health.

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