It is a common practice to light a lamp while beginning any auspicious event or ritual, and it is a regular fixture in the “pooja room” of each household in India. As the Deepam, Oil Lamp or Diya are lit to bow down to wisdom and eliminate the misery from our houses. The light signifies the lack of darkness and sadness. Through lighting lamps, the light is used to reach throughout one’s household, and it is a welcome to the god to enter our houses. So, we believe there is a faith all around the universe that the use of lamps and lighting lamps in prayers are good.

Various types of oils are used to light a lamp. Each type of oil has a different spiritual advantage to impart on it. Depending on the needs of every individual, a specific type of spiritual oil can be used to remove their misery and create peace in their life. However, the use of any specific oil for lighting lamps is a personal preference, the advantages of using such oils are shown below, based on experience and relevant facts.

Sesame Oil

Lighting a lamp with this oil takes away bad spirits and removes obstacles. Those people who suffer from difficulties for a longer period and for the removal of previous bad karma this oil has to be lit. It is also called gingelly oil. In order to please Lord Shani, the sesame oil lamp will be lit for protection and harmony from the negative effects of the world.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is said to bring prosperity, fame, name and happiness to one’s family. This is also said to improve the devotional belief of one’s family.

Cow’s Ghee

The Ghee lamp has the power to generate all positive vibrations of the surrounding environment. The use of Cow’s ghee is destroying poverty, providing wealth, health and bliss. The aura of radiance grows throughout the house. Goddess Lakshmi seems to be very delighted with the ghee light. This draws on her good fortune and immense grace. All harmful vibrations are overcome by her kindness.

Panchadeepa Oil

Panchadeep Oil recommended to light a lamp to negate all bad and give wisdom, wealth and prosperity to your home. The Panchadeepa oil is a mixture of 5 oils in ideal and pure amount to assure that the purity and sanctity of your prayers is secured. All these 5 oils have its own meaning and should be blended in a perfect proportion in the purest form. Lighting lamps with Panchadeepa Oil will lead to joy, wellbeing, prosperity and fame to your home.

Mahua Oil

This receives the blessings of Lord Shiva and saves one from all medical issues and debts.

Neem Oil

Lighting this oil helps improve wealth in your house. A combination of neem oil and mahua oil serves to evoke the blessings of family gods and Goddess Parasakthi. Those who face difficulties will pray to Lord Bhairava on the days of the New Moon with lamps of neem oil.

However, avoid using sunflower oil, groundnut oil, Palm oil and Vegetable oils for lighting lamps.

Lighting the Lamp

When you light a lamp, the direction you point it to may also have implications.

                     North direction – Most desired direction for lighting lamps. To excel in all the activities and to offer fame and prosperity.

                     South direction – Not light a lamp in the south direction. It is found to be inauspicious.

                     East direction – For better health and peace of mind from sadness and enemies.

                     West direction – For liberation from debt and success of enemies.

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